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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Welcome to the Sit There blog. Here I'll add posts related to teaching music, mindfulness, and being green, especially to children, including lessons, ideas, resources, and experiments. I'm also posting here writings and creations, weekly Green Tips, reviews of books relevant to the above topics,... Continue Reading →

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour was this past weekend on March 25th, but we had conflicting schedules and so did it on Sunday instead! If you've never done an Earth Hour, the concept is simple: turn off your lights and all power at the designated time, for one whole hour. The idea is to work in solidarity and... Continue Reading →

Monday Mindful Moment 164 – Healthy Mind

Our physical health is sometimes not as critical as our mental health. How can we check in with our minds? Try this short practice with me. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Green tip: Clean the bay

Green tip: Clean the bay If you have a body of water near you, like my local bay and creeks, you can spend some time cleaning it up - a great way to get outdoors when the weather improves, get some exercise, meet some interesting people, and clean the environment all at once. You can... Continue Reading →

Saturday Story: Crying at Dinner

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash Crying at Dinner Sitting across from me at the table, she cried. It’s a helpless feeling watching someone you don’t know quite well enough to hug as they cry. I handed her a kerchief. “I’m sorry,” I repeated, and furrowed my brows. She blew her nose. “It’s not your... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 90: Entresophy

My partner and his good friend have started a podcast on Entrepreneurship and Philosophy, inspired by their regular long walks and conversation - which they have dubbed "Entresophy." Check it out for a quick listen, more episodes to come: Note: the image above was AI generated, he tells me.

Book: Dear girl,

This beautiful book, Dear girl,: A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You! is a love letter and inspirational message to a child, a friend, a girl in your life. Listen to it here. The series also has Dear boy, Dear baby, and Dear teacher books.

Teens and kindness

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash Teenagers, like other children, can benefit from kindness - not just receiving it but learning to be kind to others. And to do so without the promise of a monetary or other reward (other than feeling good). Why? Read more here. Here's a list of acts of kindness they... Continue Reading →

Marie kondo and other clutter

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash I've come across several articles lately that talk of how Marie Kondo has given up on tidying and is focusing on her family. People's reactions have ranged from harshly critical to supportive. But what does it mean to "give up on tidying" ? Certainly not to live a life... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: Layer Cake

Photo by Ragul Ebinezar on Unsplash Layer Cake our lives layer like cake frosted with memories sounds, sights, smells cut through, taste it all get to the empty plate

Monday Mindful Moment 163 – Health

What is health? How can you tap into your own health? Join me in a short moment. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

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