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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Welcome to the Sit There blog. Here I'll add posts related to teaching music, mindfulness, and being green, especially to children, including lessons, ideas, resources, and experiments. I'm also posting here writings and creations, weekly Green Tips, reviews of books relevant to the above topics,... Continue Reading →

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Tuesday poem: A Glimpse

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay A Glimpse what comes to me this uncertainty I cannot see beyond from far away pictures that play in my mind sorry abscond and when they flee there's left with me a kind of sacred bond as if in flight they left a light of something far beyond

Monday Mindful Moment 125

Sometimes our thoughts are so real as to be believable. But we can help ourselves remember that they aren't true, in this moment. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Green tip: Hope and more than hope

Green tip: Hope and more than hope When things seem most hopeless, as they sometimes do with climate change, you can still take action and make a difference: - Check out this list of Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope - Don't overload on news, which can increase your fears at... Continue Reading →


Spirulina is actually a dried blue-green algae or cyanobacteria (Arthrospira - spirulina powder is not usually alive, though). These are among the oldest creatures on earth, and therefore they have really optimized their nutrition. They make their own food, and were a food source for even the Aztecs. In fact, the UN proposed it as... Continue Reading →

Saturday Story: Left-handed

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash This story is semi-autobiographical. I wrote it in cursive with my right (nondominant) hand originally. Left-handed I’m a lefty - can’t you tell? This right-handed writing is torture for me. I’m not used to it, and my mind is much too fast for this, my slower hand. Cursive? Chaos.... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 54: Techsparx

David Herron has been posting news and information about technology on his website Techsparx. What role do you think Technology should play in our lives?

Book: The Zero Waste Chef

The Zero Waste Chef by Anne-Marie Bonneau is the book version of her great blog (of okara biscotti fame). This book is a marvel of how to use and reuse the things in your kitchen so that literally nothing goes to waste, the most nutrition wrung out of every morsel. Mushy apples? Make a galette... Continue Reading →

Saving a pineapple

As I gather the other items on my kitchen counters, I noticed a sad old pineapple bought in a frenzy of "pineapple" but then never consumed! (A form of inattentional blindness, I think). I set out on a quest to save the now not-so-mighty fruit. In the process, I learned this is a South American... Continue Reading →

Strobe Illusion

My son shared this Strobe illusion: Why does it work? There's more information now, but in short the brain compensates for the effect, resulting in a "hallucinatory" effect.

Gulab jamun

I recently created a "use up" box from the items in my pantry - things I don't feel great about passing on to others (or no one seems to want) and which I therefore want to use up! I keep it on a counter so I see it every day and try to use it... Continue Reading →

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