Mindful Mending

Here is a lesson on impermanence, care for the planet, and mindfulness:

Take a look at what you are wearing – really look closely. Do you notice any wear and tear on what you are wearing – shirt, shoes, socks? Where are the threads most stretched? Are there any holes? Take a close look at the stitching, inside the seams if you can – are they double stitched? Does it look like they’ve been done with a serger (usually a very thick stitch) or a sewing machine? Are the seams hidden? Are there zippers, buttons, buttonholes, snaps – and how are they attached? Are there any decorations, and if so, how were those done? Do you think your item was made by hand or machine? Look at the tag – where is it from? Where was it made? What is it made of? Where did you buy it and how did it get here?

If you have holes, you can take a needle and thread and start trying to repair your item – perhaps by sewing it up, or darning holes, or reattaching pieces that came off. Learn how to do so from a video (Youtube has many) or

This article gives more on the importance and beauty of mending: https://thephoenixgreenstore.org/2019/11/26/mending-clothes-as-an-act-of-rebellion/

What do you think will happen to these clothes when you are older? What about in many years – will this material biodegrade or compost? What else could you make from what you are wearing?

Why is it important to mend our things? Whom can you teach or learn from to do it?

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