Let Darkness Come

One of the early pieces of advice I got as a parent was to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” As a night owl, I found this very difficult – night time was a time to relax, and be myself. With time, however, I found space to go outside, and look up at the stars. The night sky reminds us of how small we are, reflecting our inner darkness, inspiring awe, letting ourselves adjust to the time of day, as well as the seasons and nature around us.

You might notice things as you step out in the darkness – the moon rises over there today, this direction is south, oh it’s winter and there’s that constellation, the aroma of the flowers is different at night, the birds are still and asleep, the air is crisper. Whatever you see, it is an opportunity to connect with a different part of what is all around you for a third of your life. You might also find yourself connecting to your fear, or anxiety – and seeing them in this new light.

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