Ragtag Daily prompt

Another place to try – a single word as a prompt for your stories


Today’s word is CAULDRON – originating from the Indo-European root kele – meaning warm.

A very short story to go with this prompt:

Manthrakali stirred the cauldron, her giant ladle hot with steam as she used two hands to stir it. Her sister, Bhadrakali, was wandering the garden, plucking herbs and other items in her nimble fingers, dropping them in while she danced in circles, her hair flying. Finally, she gathered in her arms as many gold coins as she could hold and dropped them in. As the concoction bubbled, the two of them worked together to stir, chanting in ancient Sanskrit the words their parents had passed down to them. They watched the stars above and kept their eyes on the horizon, muttering their mantras, singing, dancing, with their hands on the spoon. Suddenly, they heard a low rumble and stepped back. The cauldron bubbled further, then the liquid seemed to sink, until it sent a pillar of liquid up into the air. It was sheer and golden, and mixed with a myriad other colors, and reached towards the heavens. Their beautiful creation painted the sky with morning, and mist, and arching across it all, the bright rainbow it was their joy to share, every so often, with the world.

Ragtag Daily Prompt, RDP, Cauldron

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