Not preheating the oven

Do you preheat your oven? For years, I thought of myself as a lazy and a poor baker for not preheating the oven. Why waste an entire 10 minutes of energy when it could be used to actually make something?

It took a recent Zero Waste book (Zero waste home, which I will describe in another post) to remind me that this is wasteful and really not necessary. It is about 6-10 cents of cost for each 10 minutes (over a lifetime, it could replace the cost of the oven if you use it enough!),

As you can see, gas and electric use about the same amount of energy (electric actually a bit more), but in our case, the electricity is renewable or powered by solar:

So…I’m here to tell you, don’t preheat. Just turn on the oven and stick in your cookies. You’ll need to watch them a bit more, but over time you’ll get used to how long it takes and can adjust recipes accordingly. In my oven, those 10 minutes work out to about 5-8 minutes less cooking time.

Making something particularly finicky? Use those ten minutes for something else:
– warm up water for tea
– heat up bread or tortillas
– heat up leftovers
– warm up milk for yogurt

Try more here:

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