Weekly Prompt – mingle and twilight

Sometimes, the steadiness of weekly gives us a moment to pause, a sense of predictability. So when I came across Eugenia’s weekly prompt (via Shalini) on mingle, I found all these old posts, such as these:



my own child,
eyes shining,
a sneaking, gleeful smile
moving to the beat
her grace
and beauty
mingled with
sweet childhood

This week’s prompt is Twilight, and I also found these two poems. I write a small poem daily as soon as I wake, so I’m finding that many of the poems have a morning slant.


that twilight
between asleep and awake
where dreams drift
and so-called real happenings intrude
words are said
and forgotten
we rise, unsure
where we have arrived.


these days i notice
the light
waking in the same
place each morning
sitting at the cusps of
dawn and twilight
the feel of 5 o’clock changing steadily
once cloudy now still sunny
shading my bedroom
shafts of light for
midday reading
a window to look out
of when cooking
the day is my companion
she grows each day
as children
are wont to do.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Prompt – mingle and twilight

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  1. Beautiful poems and I am delighted my prompts inspired you to share them. I like to go through my older poems frequently and bring them back to life.


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