Stream of Consciousness

So many of my first drafts are really stream of consciousness – an idea begins to take place in my head, and with very little editing, I just write what comes to mind. Because I’m a very visual thinker who also thinks in words, many of those first drafts often feel “complete,” but they still need plenty of editing.

So when I came across this lovely post from Joanna, I wanted to try it myself. It’s Stream of Consciousness (SOCS) Saturday from Linda G. Hill, and this week’s prompt is to think of a word containing -igh (in that order) and write in a stream-of-consciousness style – no edits, just straight (can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, etc).

Here are the post and full rules:

Just preparing to do this, my mind begins spinning ideas, planning an approach. Notice how the mind just begins to do that! By the time I began typing this, mine had decided to use as many -igh words as possible. Let’s see how that goes:

A poem that is a sigh

we go high, we go high
fly and die
but why? to cry, to cry
hie thee someplace else
to sigh
cry and cry
and let the sighs of the past
become your tomorrows
cleared from the path
sent back, sent back
where the winds sigh
where the birds fly
where the heart cries
where we go, when we die
when we die
and when we die.

Is this a good poem? I am not sure. However, it allowed me to very clearly see the moments where the mind comes in, trying to edit, deciding that is not the right phrase, or simply feeling “stuck.” It seems to bring awareness to the thoughts that come without our noticing them, when otherwise our thinking is so fast it passes in a blur.

Give it a try yourself, would love to read what you write.


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