June Coloring page

For June, I had chosen the phrase, “Connect to Here,” and am exploring the ways in which I connect to the place where I am. When I’m away from home, I have the chance to connect to a new place and surroundings, a new rhythm. When I’m home, I can sink deeply into the season, the changes, the familiar.

Here is a coloring page and mindfulness activity to use with this concept of “here,” and also now.

Start in the center and color the word “here,” as you wish, noting what “here” feels like in your body.

As you color each circle, start with a different color (or just different from the previous circle). Breathe. See how this particular ring is like a ripple out from here – where does your mind go? Notice that each ring is unique and different, and changing, just as each moment and breath are.

Consider using the following prompts for rings successively:
– listen to your breath
– listen to sounds outside
– listen to sounds in the room
– listen to sounds in your body
– look closely at the coloring
– feel the feeling of coloring in your hand
– try coloring this ring with the other hand
– use a different KIND of supply (eg crayon vs colored pencil vs marker)
– notice the feeling in your arm or back or other parts of your body
– notice smells as you color
– be aware of the room you are in – the shape and size of it around you while you color
– try being completely silent for one ring
– try talking for one ring – how is it different?
– hum a song for one ring

You can have students come up with more ideas or think of your own. Be sure to check in at the end as you go off the page – are you HERE? how do you know? How do you know when you’re not here?

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