Friend Friday 6: Daily poem

Susmita is aiming to post a poem each day for a year! The above is a sneak peek of a poem to be posted soon – but she is spinning out poems like a master weaver, tossing them aside like a pizza chef (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?)

Check it out:

This poem takes me back to younger days – I’m sure I had some clear jelly shoes (and matching bracelets), giant earrings, and the prom dress likely in pastel or neon colors, too. Unlike her, I did (and sometimes still do) enjoy the bright fluorescence of a neon yellow or green or pink or orange something that stands out in a crowd like a bright flower.

Here is the poem of mine she posted:

This post might also qualify for Lady Jabberwocky’s lovely prompt, “Friends.” – thanks to all the friends who point out the holes in my work!

iwr-icon-signature.png I’m using Inbox When Ready to protect my focus.

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