Friend Friday 18

Susmita’s poem and image remind me of the Cheshire Cat, of Alice and Wonderland fame. I love the way the cat would smile and then flip over onto his back with that dreamy smile.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, if you are a fan, you must see Care Bears in Wonderland. If you know what Care Bears are (fluffy candy-colored animated bears with specific nature-inspired powers who …ahem…care and help others), it seems impossible that Care Bears anything could be of interest to adults. However, this amazing cartoon movie is full of quips and jokes and silliness in a way that neither the Disney version nor the book quite capture, and it has a quirkiness Lewis Carroll might have admired.

As I write this, you can still watch the whole thing here:

The moon also brings up for me phases, how they change, and their relationship to monthly cycles (hence the name "month," not to mention Monday), and letting darkness arrive.

You can also see another moon-related poem by Susmita in the upcoming Moons of Autumn collection by Word Weaving Poetry Journal here.

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