Go vegetarian for the planet…and COVID

A study this year shows that healthcare workers who have vegetarian or, to a lesser extent, pescatarian (eat fish also) diets had lower severity of COVID-lreated illness, whereas low-carb, hi-protein diets (that’s you, keto fans) had more moderate to severe illness. This was true across five European countries and the US:


How could this be? The authors suggest that more vitamins and phytochemicals from the plants might lead to fewer other colds and illnesses, leading to a lower severity of disease. They also found a suggestion that plant-based diets also had lower rates of infection.

Vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian as well as other plant-based diets are also known for their positive effect on greenhouse gases as well as on your health, which in turn leads to less climate change, doubling the effect.

You might consider taking it slow with a Meatless Monday or making a slow switch to a more planet-friendly (and you-friendly!) diet. Be sure to chew thoroughly, too, giving an added boost your immunity.

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