We sometimes celebrate Diwali (or Deepavali – the celebration of the lamp) with great fanfare, various activities, sweets, and Diwali lehiyam.

This year is a unique one, so instead of the usual giant celebrations, we made it small. I included:

Diwali lehiyam, as above. This is made from a ready-made powder but you can also make it at home using this recipe,so if I ever need to make more, I can! This paste (which looks MUCH worse than it tastes, believe me!) is like a medicine or digestive to prevent indigestion from overeating fried and oily and rich foods. I imagine that it would be great for Thanksgiving and holiday feasts, too!

A sweet. I tried making almond or badam burfi but it turned out similar to homemade marzipan, which is simply made from almond flour. I like that this one can be made in my pressure cooker or instant pot. To get to the hard consistency shown in the recipe, it will need possibly much more stirring, or perhaps regular sugar instead of the turbinado I used. So we simply made them into balls and stuck them in the fridge to harden.

A savory. We typically make a murukku or chakli, which is made with various flours and put into a press that allows the creation to be dropped directly into oil. Delicious, crunchy, and crumbly at once. I cut down the chili powder in this recipe.

My daughter enjoys making the rangoli or kolam with various sand powders and in this potential fire season, we decided to forgo candles for some LED lights sitting around.

We also wear new clothes, which for us marks the days: this is one of maybe two to three times a year the kids get new outfits (also birthdays, and when they’ve had growth spurts) so we took the opportunity for some family portraits, which seem harder to come by when we are not going out much.

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