Honeycomb Candy

A local baker makes a delicious cake with honeycomb topping in three fruit flavors. The cakes are not vegan, but the topping is a honeycomb candy I’ve been wanting to try making. It also contains honey, however, but could be made with another syrup such as agave.

Basically you heat up sugar, corn syrup, honey, and water, then add baking soda, whisk in, and pour out.

This miraculous puffy mixture stays shiny but hardens into a fluffy, very light, crunchy candy that can be broken into pieces. You can see the holes in the side that make the “honeycomb.” It has a mildly caramelized flavor, which younger children might find off-putting, but doesn’t deter mine.

It was amazingly simple to make, and quick, though very messy! I was tempted to do without the parchment but I’m glad I used it. By pouring hot water into the cooking pan afterward, I was able to soak up the sugary goodness into a liquid that could be used for sweet drinks or baking (no waste!).

The recipe made an entire large jarful, certainly enough to cover a cake and more, though I suspect we won’t make it that far.


For us, this gives us a simple candy alternative instead of the packaged items that come in plastic or even boxes, using ingredients I almost always have on hand (aside from the corn syrup).

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