Costume Swap

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Back in October, I helped organize a Costume swap, which included a costume swap and story circle (that part didn’t happen) at this amazing museum. We exchanged nearly 100 costumes, and more at home. My own kids got lots of great dress-up clothes as well as costumes (I think we have never bought new costumes for halloween, having made them, used what they received from others, or had already). Lots of fun pretending. Good for adults, too. In addition, we had conversations about vintage clothing, parenting, plants (in the gorgeous garden), stories, decorations, tea, sewing, books, sharing, saving, covid, and much more.

Some more information about costume appropriation (via Reading my tea leaves)

Cultures aren’t costumes

Cultural appropriation on Halloween and this great video by teens

Here is a sweet story about what really matters on Halloween:

As I’m folding up and packing away costumes (or donating them), I am keeping in mind where the culture comes from. I asked my children to think about where their costume ideas originated and what they might mean to others. We discussed making versus buying new costumes, and the value of community, but they are learning these lessons at the same time as me, and much earlier in their lives, and through the powerful medium of example.

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