Green tip: Celebrate the Earth!

When you are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and more, keep the planet in mind. Here are some eco-friendly things to do to celebrate and honor others as well as our local environment:

– Go on a hike – bring along gloves and a trash bag to pick up litter and keep waterways clear. Try Geocaching.

– Take a tree walk – either self-guided or a certified arborist.

– Have a picnic on a beach (bring reusable dishes) and clean up any litter that might end up in the ocean. You could also clean up a creek.

– Take an EV test drive and have fun in a few different cars while you’re getting ready to go electric

Visit the Eco-center and find some great ways to go green at home (and see some wildlife while you’re at it)

– Shop for treats at the farmer’s market or buy them in bulk bins (bring your own bags to save packaging)

Give an experience: memberships, certificates, or tickets to a local museum, play, movie, park, gallery, restaurant, classes and more. More ideas here.

– Honor your loved ones with a homemade or recycled paper card and reused wrapping.

What other eco-friendly celebrations have you tried?

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