Monocle necklace

I heard about monocle necklaces from Hedger Humor’s newsletter and thought – why not make one from an old pair of reading glasses, of which we seem to have many broken ones from various older family members mostly leaving them here, and more recently current family members too. A way to reuse and repurpose what we already have!

I took a look at this handy video:

It was interesting to see how easily he was able to sand the lens with only a brick! (who needs sandpaper?)

At first I broke apart the glasses at the bridge using a lamp/candle, and then sanded the edges on the brick.

Then I realized the lenses were plastic, and using the heated end of a protractor (a nail would have worked) pierced a hole in the lens at one corner.

For a necklace, an old bead one worked fine. This will indeed be a mother’s day gift, since my mother is forever looking for her glasses, especially at restaurants, where she cannot read the menu. I’m sure that will be me not too long from now.

My daughter took the other lens and made a keychain for father’s day (a while off).

The empty frame parts have been put to use also: she is painting them, and plans to put a photo inside it to make a different kind of necklace or keychain that grandparents are sure to love.

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