Poetry in comics

Did you know that poetry in comics is a large field? Comic artists have included poetry from the public domain for a long time.

One of my favorites is the Calvin and Hobbes to be or not to be speech from hamlet (it is in iambic pentameter!)

Here is one of the beautiful Steinbeck poems:

Poems have also been written about comic strips
such as this "recitative."

Here is a lovely interpretation of poetry into comics: https://www.plough.com/en/topics/culture/poetry/poems-to-see-by

More poems as comics:

Langston hughes

Songs have been made into comics, too, such as Lennon’s imagine
(http://www.stanleycolors.com/), and folk songs

On a related or perhaps unrelated topic, even tv shows have been put into comics:


And there are the literary comics as well, that cover various literary genres:


You can make your own, too, as here!

The overlap of these forms is probably why writing is also considered art – there is so much that we cannot say with mere words and so much we cannot say with mere pictures. Sometimes, we need both.

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