Colonization of your attention

Image by David from Pixabay

Our attention is increasingly at risk: we have so many different devices that demand it, and increasingly things are taking our attention rather than people.

In this link, Bo Burnham says "they are now trying to colonize every minute of your life. Listen to the whole panel here (from 3 years ago). We can watch our attention drawn by social media and other online companies – it slowly drains away each minute. (Don’t agree? Check how often you look at your phone).

How do we take back our attention: By rewilding it! Find 9 ways here to go off digital, browse, and slow down.

This is so funny about COVID advice but also really actually about mindfulness and paying attention:

Takeaway: Paying really really close attention to your pain makes it more bearable!

Playing attention in this book may also be helpful to understand how attention works.

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