Search for a recipe

This week I did a clean-out of the fridge. There were some interesting things in there, some entire colonies growing, which will now find a better home in the compost pile. What remains, what has been around for so long, needs a home, too. Our ingredients long to be useful, I imagine.

So what to do? I had some sourdough discard, long abandoned, and some applesauce, frozen and then thawed. A search for "sourdough applesauce" turned up some automatic results – mostly cake and muffins. I searched more: for bread. Something for which I wouldn’t have to add additional sweetener.

I veganed up (not a verb, but it is now!) this recipe:

by removing the egg (you could use a flax egg), subbing soymilk for milk. I made it healthier: omitting the sugar altogether (doubled the applesauce and added a handful of flour), using whole wheat flour. I made it spicier: adding allspice, and extra dashes of cinnamon and vanilla. If I’d had walnuts or pecans, I might have added them. Baked, and it’s a not-sweet whole-grain food that would serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Which brings me to the title of this post: search for a recipe.

When you have only a few ingredients, search for a recipe with those ingredients.

When you’re trying to use up something you have, search for a recipe containing that something.

When something is about to go spoiled, search for a recipe that includes it.

It’s kind of obvious, but sometimes the best ideas are. When pulling out the last of the aged yogurt, search, and you’ll find lots of recipes for "old yogurt recipe," (or instructions to make more yogurt!). The tiny bits of veggies stuck to the crisper? "recipe veggie scraps" turns up vegetable stock and broth, but also DIY beauty products.

So next time, before throwing out things (except for things that are clearly their own – inedible – culture) search for a recipe. (Not sure how? Try these tips)

What will you search for? What food waste will you rescue?

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