Green tip: Give the gift of green

For the holidays, let your kids make their own toys from the recycle bin. They can make gifts and cards for their teachers and friends, too! You can do the same for more grown-up gifts.

Some ideas:
– Have cards from previous years? Tear off the fronts and reuse them as postcards or one-sided cards (or add a back with regular paper). More ideas.

– Anyone can give waste-free gifts like movie tickets, coupons for experiences, gift certificates to restaurants, and more. More ways to simplify the holidays.

– When wrapping, use bags, brown paper from inside packages, newspaper, magazines, or other paper that is reused. You can make bags from paper, too, or lots of other ways.

– Rather than buying, ask: what do I already have, or what can I make that someone would really appreciate? You might consider something they would like but might not buy for themselves.

– When buying, opt for local stores (reduce shipping), unwrapped items (save packaging), and even used gifts (save resources).

– Consider the importance of giving – what is truly important, after all, that you can give, that someone would truly value?

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