New words for bits and bytes

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I’d heard of femto and nano, maybe even petabytes, but there are some new words for very very small and very very large numbers, out this year:

Now there are no more English alphabets left to use as abbreviations for these!

While you are looking at these, you might also be interested in the NATO phonetic alphabet:
which includes Morse code, Semaphore, Panels – plus how to spell out words when you have a difficult name for some to pronounce (like I do!) on the phone: are you able to associate words that are unrelated?
Measure your creativity with the Divergent Association Task (DAT)

Try it out:

(via Daniel Pink

You can also map the words of your mind (known as mind mapping)
using pebbles of your life, for word associations, and planning. I also use them for recipes!

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