Green tip: Give the gift of green

For the holidays, let your kids make their own toys from the recycle bin. They can make gifts and cards for their teachers and friends, too! You can do the same for more grown-up gifts. Some ideas: - Have cards from previous years? Tear off the fronts and reuse them as postcards or one-sided cards... Continue Reading →

Cleaning the oven door

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash Another tiny accomplishment: cleaning inside the oven door. For a while, there's been something that somehow dripped into the oven door - BETWEEN the two class plates. I had given up on it, until my recent post on "Search for a recipe" prompted me to "Search for a solution"... Continue Reading →

Another use for okara: cheese and crackers

Okara Cheese I've found yet another great use for okara aside from biscotti, brownies. Actually, two that can be paired together: cheese, and crackers. First, okara cheese. This is now my go-to. I made a mix of this recipe and this one - grinding, shaping, and then baking. Unlike cream cheese, this is... Continue Reading →

Glue and Paper tape!

Whenever buying tape, I try to buy masking tape, or another paper-based tape which can be recycled. But how about making your own? Here's a recipe for wheat paste and paper tape: Make a wheat paste: Spread on paper (in this case, the inside of a bread bag) - this was a bit thin,... Continue Reading →

Fruit soda

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay A friend of mine sent this really easy way to make fermented fruit sodas - and it's a great way to use up mushy fruit before it goes bad, too: Fruit Soda 1. Cut very ripe fruit in cubes2. Mash well (spoon, masher, or hand, okay to leave lumps)... Continue Reading →

Search for a recipe

This week I did a clean-out of the fridge. There were some interesting things in there, some entire colonies growing, which will now find a better home in the compost pile. What remains, what has been around for so long, needs a home, too. Our ingredients long to be useful, I imagine. So what to... Continue Reading →

Book: Everyday style

Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter is full of beautiful clothes - I love the idea of a single, simple pattern for a set of clothes that can be modified easily to make a range of items. Take the dress: it can be a crop top, a sleeveless tank, a tunic, a dress, and a duster... Continue Reading →

Diwali cooking

Image by Veerendra Tikhe from Pixabay This year, Diwali included some cooking! The first thing eaten in the morning (after showering) is a "lehiyam" or medicine - a concoction of herbs that helps you digest all the sweets and deep-fried savories you're going to eat all day! The recipe, if you happen to have the... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Volunteer and vote!

Green Tip! Volunteer and Vote! Planting for Pollinators, 11/6, 9am to 12pm. Sign up to remove invasive vegetation, plant new plants, or lay down mulch at the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge. Free, open to ages 12+. Not local? Here are some fall pollinators to plant or check out this Zoom event on 11/17.... Continue Reading →

Friend friday 71: Paperless parties

A small group in Alameda is throwing "paperless parties" - a place where you can rent or borrow dishes and utensils, and return them to be washed: Zero waste made available to the community!

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