Green tip of the week: Where do your chemicals go?

My city has reopened their Hazardous Waste station, and we can now drop off items like batteries, used cooking oil, paint, medications and other items, keeping them out of our waterways (where they can harm wildlife and also people) and our landfills (where they can leach and cause similar harm). I like to gather items... Continue Reading →

Vegan cream cheese

Another attempt at going plastic free. For a long time, I've loved Tofutti vegan cream cheese as an alternative to dairy cream cheese. It is creamy, doesn't curdle, lasts forever, and has the perfect creaminess and taste to go with everything from celery to bagels. However, the ingredients list is quite long, and most tragically,... Continue Reading →

Elderberry gummies

I've had elderberry syrup made for a while (from dried berries) but someone requested gummies. A purchase of agar agar turned this project into something very simple. I used honey (for my kids) or maple syrup for a vegan version. The recipe I used was this: I think the proportions were off, though, because... Continue Reading →

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