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I have the joy of receiving 3 free subscriptions to give away for "Simple and Straightforward" - which has been a lovely newsletter about minimalism, simplicity, planet and more. If you'd like one of them, please leave a comment below!

Cultivating Gratitude

This month I chose the theme of "Cultivating Gratitude" for this month of September, checking in with my sense of gratitude, more than simply just being grateful. It's the second time I'm doing this: I love this quote here from Insight Meditation Center: Gratitude, in turn, can help people relax and trust, qualities that... Continue Reading →

Mental noting

When meditating, you can use "mental noting" to note what is happening in your mind. With practice, noting what is going on helps you be present, staying with what is happening with you, and connecting to your body. You can note Breath (I am breathing, my breath is shallow or deep or fast or slow,... Continue Reading →

Cultivating Equanimity

This month I’m cultivating equanimity, another of the ten perfections. It is known as upekkha - meaning to look over - the equanimity coming from observing things impartially, also to see with patience (a connection to another paramita!). It is also known as tatramajjhattata - to stand in the middle of all this. I... Continue Reading →

Monday Mindful Moment 132

in this moment, we take a moment together to recognize the quiet and peace that is already available to us.

Monday Mindful Moment 131

Last week we explored equanimity. Let's see how to cultivate it in this moment.

Monday Mindful Moment 130

What is equanimity? Let's take a deep dive in this moment.

Monday Mindful Moment 124

Like wisdom, insight is another quality that can be developed with patience. It has its own uniqueness, too. Listen here.

Monday Mindful Moment 123

What is wisdom? How do you cultivate it? Listen here.

Monday Mindful Moment 122

Another mindful moment for cultivating patience this week. Listen and see how patience shows up in your life.

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