Marie kondo and other clutter

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash I've come across several articles lately that talk of how Marie Kondo has given up on tidying and is focusing on her family. People's reactions have ranged from harshly critical to supportive. But what does it mean to "give up on tidying" ? Certainly not to live a life... Continue Reading →

Reusing red tape, and a rug

Washington DC is, quite literally, finding uses for red tape. I love this idea of reuse of old things that had a completely different life, once. So the same thing happened with a bagful of fringe or tassel. A while ago I got some orange fringe at Fabmo, which we were going to use for... Continue Reading →

AI roundup

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay I have been reading SO much about AI lately - so here's a roundup. I just read this article in Commune's weekly newsletter and wanted to share it with you, on spiritual advice from a chatbot. It was just matter of time before i posted about chatGPT, but it brings... Continue Reading →

Time for nothing

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay We make lots of plans - lunches, dates, work, outings, exercise, errands. But what about scheduling some nothing? Time for nothing is really important in a world increasingly interrupted by devices, ads, and more. So, let's schedule it in and make nothing happen! I like to just mark off... Continue Reading →

ATM meditation

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay A couple of years ago, I was finally able to move the last of my money from "big banks" to a local credit union. Ethical banking can, as a group, make a huge difference in where money is invested around the world: Many big banks support oil pipelines... Continue Reading →

Book: The Power of Less

The Power of Less by Leo Babauta looks at first like a book meant for business people, or those with corporate job lives. While I'm sure it's hugely beneficial if you are one of them, I found it shockingly apt also for those who are simply getting through the day, who are interested in a... Continue Reading →

Impulse purchasing

Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay This great video from the Minimalists talks about impulse purchases, and how we can curtail them. They mention the 30 day rule (or 30 whatever rule!) - to help you put some space between the impulse to buy and the action. As in all mindful activities, when we can create... Continue Reading →

5 projects at once

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay This article describes evidence that we cannot manage more than 5 projects at once (description here, full article here). How many are you doing? What can you cut back? I'm working on cutting down to about 3 (at most 4) at a time, or else progress is too slow to... Continue Reading →

Book: Mini-missions for simplicity

This little book, Mini-missions for simplicity by Courtney Carver, offers ideas in decluttering, getting closer to family, your time, and more with tiny little tasks or missions. It's a quick read, but putting the ideas into regular practice will take time and patience.

Book: Destination simple

This book, Destination Simple, by Brooke McAlary, which I read on Hoopla, is ostensibly a book about minimalism, but the deeper lessons are actually about mindfulness: doing one thing at a time, savoring the things you do, doing less. It reads more like a workbook, and so can be returned to for basic instructions and... Continue Reading →

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