Green tip of the Week: Waste not

Food waste is the number one material in landfills. Stop throwing it all away! Take Inventory: Check your pantry, fridge and freezer. Freeze or use up food that's past its prime. Try these leaving-town strategies. Meal Plan: Build meals with your inventory; add needed items to the shopping list. Be reaLISTic: Shop from your list,... Continue Reading →

Fifty word stories

It took several tries, but my story was published on Fifty Word Stories. I am pleased to see that a story about Indian food was chosen among other typically Western culture items 🙂 Writing in only 50 words is a particular challenge - how can you convey a full sense of story with so... Continue Reading →

Vegan cream cheese

Another attempt at going plastic free. For a long time, I've loved Tofutti vegan cream cheese as an alternative to dairy cream cheese. It is creamy, doesn't curdle, lasts forever, and has the perfect creaminess and taste to go with everything from celery to bagels. However, the ingredients list is quite long, and most tragically,... Continue Reading →

Elderberry gummies

I've had elderberry syrup made for a while (from dried berries) but someone requested gummies. A purchase of agar agar turned this project into something very simple. I used honey (for my kids) or maple syrup for a vegan version. The recipe I used was this: I think the proportions were off, though, because... Continue Reading →

Potato chips

We had been craving potato chips, but they are not available where I am without some sort of plastic packaging. So, this was a try! I used this recipe: I dusted them with chili pepper and salt. Because the potatoes were cut by hand, they cooked unevenly. Some had to be fried a second... Continue Reading →

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