Internet Rot

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay I created my first website way back in 1993, when many people still didn't know what you meant by "internet" and often still called it the "World Wide Web." It was hosted on a university server, which I had to forgo when I left. I then moved it to... Continue Reading →

Getting Rid of Scientific Papers

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash Give a shoutout to Scott Graham on social or copy the text below to attribute. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash Back in my former life as a scientist (or a wannabe one, anyway), writing a paper was genuinely considered one of the highest aspirations. If you could get... Continue Reading →

Matter of perspective

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Austin Kleon spoke of the way looking at pictures of the moon helps him keep perspective, as Jerry Seinfeld does of Hubble. Looking up at space can give us a sense of how small we are, how nothing. And nothing is important, too. Vital, even: We can see... Continue Reading →

No-blue blues

Image by GLady from Pixabay For a while during the pandemic, the color blue was in short supply. It may still be a slight issue going forward, too: Why was there less blue when COVID infections were high? One reason is the oxygen used to make it was needed in various countries (like India)... Continue Reading →

Math textbooks with SEL

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay More on SEL! These math textbooks incorporate social-emotional learning - teaching growth mindset and managing anxiety. Some are questioning why this is good idea, and what might be wrong with it. IS math about getting the right answer? yes. but HOW do you get there? Isn't that important... Continue Reading →

Microscoping records

Image by Pexels from Pixabay Things look so different up close. This is a long video but it explores the science of seeing and how vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and more work. It's a lesson in looking closely, and really interesting: via Austin Kleon


Image by khamkhor from Pixabay A couple of great evolution resources: - The Cartoon Guide to Vertebrate Evolution - The co-evolution of plants and insects Notice where humans are on the first drawing. How are we interconnected with other species on this planet? How might WE have co-evolved with other species around us,... Continue Reading →

Carving up the country

Alternative maps are a common creation, and they ignite the imagination. After all, borders are created by humans. What if we could draw them differently? The difference, as in this set of maps in which the US population is split equally among 2 to 50 states, can be striking, and also aesthetically pleasing, a form... Continue Reading →

Electric car music

Image by Reinhard Thrainer from Pixabay I have driven an electric car for several years, and over time have become accustomed to its telltale whine, which tells me that the car is accelerating, or moving. Without that, the car would be silent. So it astonished me that this type of sound is actually music, not... Continue Reading →

Nobel laureates

Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay This interview of Nobel Laureates on their thoughts about their own fields is as enlightening as it is hilarious: Nobel winners, too, are ordinary people. They don't know everything, and (perhaps that is the difference) they know they don't. Perhaps that humility is essential for genius. via the... Continue Reading →

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