Love has no…

Image by Pexels from Pixabay A beautiful inspirational video - love has no... gender race disability age and more.. We can also build compassion with other resources: Alok - they are a south asian trans advocate, writer, artist, poet, historian - this talk is on on gender, the history of it, and what... Continue Reading →

Monday Mindful Moment 148

We often look around us, even noticing small details. But what is below? What is beneath us? Is it really beneath? Let's dive deeper below in this moment. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 147

When you feel cabin fever, when you feel too small, enclosed, give yourself some space. You don't need to go outside to try this with me. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 146

We often are ready and eager to give, to give gifts and time and other things, but are we being truly generous? Let's explore generosity. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 145

Want to play a little mindfulness game? Connect with your senses and join me in a game of 54321. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 144

Let's take some time to write down what we are grateful for, or speak them aloud. If you wish, have a paper and writing instrument ready for this practice. Let's write what we are grateful for. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 143

Look around you - there's a lot to be grateful for. Take a look with me. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 142

How does gratitude feel in your body? Join me in a practice. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 141

Gratitude offers a chance to reflect on all that is in our lives. Let's check in with our own gratitude. [category Mindfulness, Moment, Downloads]

Monday Mindful Moment 140

It's said that a worthy person is "the salt of the earth." Why is salt so important? How does it figure in your own life? What does it really taste like? Join me in a salt-tasting. For this lesson, you may want to gather a salt-shaker or just a few grains of whatever salt you... Continue Reading →

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