Book: Grapefruit

This amazing book is by Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, and is an exercise in art and awareness. The ideas are wild but also very freeing, in a way that they make you laugh out loud because you never thought of things that way. A delight to open up the mind and see your... Continue Reading →

Book: All Quiet in Vikaspuri

This is a graphic novel for adults set in Delhi, detailing the water wars. A poignant story about human exploitation, environmental degradation vs conservation, and more

Book: Everyday style

Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter is full of beautiful clothes - I love the idea of a single, simple pattern for a set of clothes that can be modified easily to make a range of items. Take the dress: it can be a crop top, a sleeveless tank, a tunic, a dress, and a duster... Continue Reading →

Book: She Said

She Said is by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. It took me a while to get to read this book, but when I finally did, I couldn't put it down. She Said is an accounting of the reporting behind the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement - in detail and with such delicacy. I... Continue Reading →

Book: Tomatoes for Neela

Tomatoes for Neela is a sweet picture book by Top Chef host and activist Padma Lakshmi. She comes from a similar Indian background to mine, so the characters and words here are familiar - the use of the word "Amma" to refer to her mother, "Paatti" for grandma, the clothes and the food. I love... Continue Reading →

Book: Clear your clutter with Feng Shui

Clear your clutter with Feng shui by Karen Kingston is the original book oft cited by minimalists, with basic and really deep information about how to release different types of clutter. This book covers topics I haven't seen in other clutter and minimalism books and isn't afraid to mention spirituality, energy and other topics that... Continue Reading →

Book: Beloved

Beloved By Toni Morrison is on the 100 list - and a beautiful book that still leaves its painful, muddy fingerprints on me. This book reflects (to me) a deep understanding of what it might have really been like for slaves, in a horrific way. It's a reminder of ghosts past, of what has still... Continue Reading →

Book: Robot Dreams

This book, Robot Dreams by Sara Varon, is a beautiful, wordless creation - readable by nearly any age (as proven by watching a 5 year old explain the story to her parents). But the story is deep enough for adults, with beautiful storytelling, and a lesson about friendship and relationships and more... It calls to... Continue Reading →

Book: The Death of Vishnu

The Death of Vishnu, Manil Suri This book was given to me, and I wasn't sure what to make of it, but it makes a compelling story. There is a lot of eroticism, more than I might like in a book. But the sights and sounds of India are vivid, and I can't resist the... Continue Reading →

Book: Braiding Sweetgrass

I've been putting off writing about this book because it's just so wonderful I feel I cannot do it justice. But it's been long enough. In many ways, this book is about Transition. It's about how we connect to and heal the world by seeing it/them and each other as beings. It includes so many... Continue Reading →

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