Saturday Story: Marisa’s Daily To Dos

I wrote this piece after reading the incomparable The Semplica Girl Diaries by George Saunders. What kind of future can we imagine and where can it go wrong, or right? Are they mutually exclusive? Is what we consider "healthy" actually good for us? Marisa's Daily To Dos Monday 7/5 Contact tech support to see if... Continue Reading →

Go vegetarian for the planet…and COVID

A study this year shows that healthcare workers who have vegetarian or, to a lesser extent, pescatarian (eat fish also) diets had lower severity of COVID-lreated illness, whereas low-carb, hi-protein diets (that's you, keto fans) had more moderate to severe illness. This was true across five European countries and the US: How could this... Continue Reading →

Rewilding Attention

This post by Tom Critchlow has got me thinking (via i love the term "rewilding your attention," as if our attention and writing have become too domesticated, and we need nature again to reset. to find our true voice. It puts me in mind of Jenny Odell's How to Do Nothing (post to... Continue Reading →

Friday Flash Fiction – Fledgling

A fluttering finch falling out of the nest in the aprium (apricot + plum) tree inspired this short piece for Friday Flash Fiction here: The sense of anxiety and fear is likely familiar to all parents, or anyone who has cared for any other creature, even vicariously. Which reminds me of the natural affection... Continue Reading →

Poetry Quarterly

My poem Zoom is in the Summer issue of poetry quarterly, #46: The poem explores the hurried pace of our lives, the way we "zoom" around everywhere, and the new language of video-conferencing that the company Zoom has made possible/capitalized on during the pandemic. In what ways do you zoom around? What can you... Continue Reading →

Scientific progress is at it again

The types of scientific papers are in this XKCD comic: An article all about it: All the spinoffs: How true it is! And a chance to celebrate the minutiae of scientific research, how difficult it is, how freeform and without oversight, but fun. 

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