COVID cello concert

Image by Chrom72 from Pixabay Watch/listen to this Youtube video of the COVID Cello Project #10, Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings played via zoom by 278 cellists in 29 countries, with love and memories for departed loved ones of theirs. Worth repeating even if you've already seen it. As a former cello player, I... Continue Reading →

Tiny Desk Concerts

Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR give you a lovely taste of various styles of music. This one, the Crossing, brings "Titration," which is about emotional regulation and awareness: See all concerts here:

Carnatic music and the environment

Image by Paula from Pixabay More and more musicians are connecting music to the environment, and it's happening even in Indian and Carnatic music: For example, Sushma Soma's album for nature, intended to bring attention to natural settings and their decay. There's also Blue Planet, a series of carnatic and hindustani concerts in scenic locations... Continue Reading →

Translating sound

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay Music is catchy. Case in point, Wikipedia is looking for a characteristic audio sound - the way other brands have logos, this is a sound logo, if you will, for when visual is not an option. Sounds can mean so much. Take, for example, the search for an apologetic car... Continue Reading →

Links on Language

Photo by Artur Voznenko on Unsplash Language is an important part of how we communicate, whether we use emoji, we use gestures (they help adults learn better! kids use gestures or pictures), or the same words over and over (is that fantastic? really?) Interestingly, we don't actually think in language, and how we think is... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 69: koolio

I've mentioned koolio before for my Monday Mindful Moments (here, here, and here). It's the brainchild of my partner to use AI for podcasts, music, and in the future, video and other creations. It's now launched so you can sign up:

Kutcheri Concert Activity Book

My family went, recently, to the concert of Ranjani Gayatri, who are unbelievably amazing Carnatic singers. With kids, though, it can be tricky to sit still for several hours listening to music you don't always understand or appreciate. To help them engage, I hand-drew a little activity pack, which is attached here. One child polished... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 61: Sathva

Another talented cousin: Sathva Srinath is a Carnatic flutist, trained by N Ramani, and (though I am very biased) an amazing person and mom! She has taught me much about teaching others, and music, and how to be a good student as well: Listen here.

Electric car music

Image by Reinhard Thrainer from Pixabay I have driven an electric car for several years, and over time have become accustomed to its telltale whine, which tells me that the car is accelerating, or moving. Without that, the car would be silent. So it astonished me that this type of sound is actually music, not... Continue Reading →

A new game – puzzgrid

A new game: Puzzgrid the kids enjoyed playing this - it's kind of a categorization game. See if you can figure it out. Some skills: practice spelling (wrong spelling = wrong answer!) learning about relationships understanding popular culture (I was pleasantly surprised how many brands they hadn't heard of) I think it would be... Continue Reading →

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