New words for bits and bytes

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I'd heard of femto and nano, maybe even petabytes, but there are some new words for very very small and very very large numbers, out this year: Now there are no more English alphabets left to use as abbreviations for these! While you are looking at these, you... Continue Reading →

Book: Grapefruit

This amazing book is by Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon, and is an exercise in art and awareness. The ideas are wild but also very freeing, in a way that they make you laugh out loud because you never thought of things that way. A delight to open up the mind and see your... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 74: Martha

Martha Sakellariou is a local artist who mentors so many local kids and serves as a model for others with her ground-breaking work:

Book: All Quiet in Vikaspuri

This is a graphic novel for adults set in Delhi, detailing the water wars. A poignant story about human exploitation, environmental degradation vs conservation, and more

Everyday People Cartoons

Lots of mindfulness cartoons here More mindfulness-related cartoons are here:

Seeing the other side

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash This is an advertisement, but the video (watch that first) is a beautiful way for people to start seeing one another in a more open, perhaps non-partisan way. Take, for example, the idea of "skin colored" crayons that children might use - what if your skin doesn't look like... Continue Reading →

Criminals in Movies

Photo by Imani on Unsplash Here are some things that make me cringe in movies and tv: - people leaving the water running while they stare into the mirror - someone writing a single line on a sheet of paper and then crumpling it (usually with many iterations of this) - a person grabbing several... Continue Reading →

Co-opting Culture

Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash I've been watching this video: In which artist Ebbe Stub Wittrup explores questions of ownership, and place. I love that this video includes three sets of seemingly disparate things: gloves and hand mudras (as those used in the Indian dance bharatanatyam), botany and cultural names, and traditional... Continue Reading →

Cultivate truthfulness

This month, I'm exploring truthfulness - as it is October and Mahatma Gandhi's birthday this month, deepening what we learned last year. Some truthfulness quotes: Truth has its roots in the meanings firm, solid, and steadfast. In Sanskrit, it is satya, in Pali sacca. There is also the role of absolute truth: It is... Continue Reading →

Airline safety cards

Photo by Calle Macarone on Unsplash Here is a beautiful collection of airline safety cards: I love the phrase "put on your own oxygen mask first" and use it in workshops sometimes to say, take care of YOU so you can help others. These cards also give us different ways to relate to this... Continue Reading →

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