Attend to Love

This year, I am attending to various aspects of my life. This month, as it is February, I wanted to attend to Love. I know love has almost become a cliche word, but its root is desire and care from the Indo-european root lib or lub. In our modern parlance, it may mean acceptance, caring,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s countdown

I love advents and countdowns, as you may have seen (here, here, here, and here). They are like little daily gifts and surprises. So a happy stitch's lovely valentine's day countdown was just the thing to bring some LOVE into this month for the world. It's a simple idea: put slips of paper in paper... Continue Reading →

Attend to Rising

My 2023 Word of the year is Attend. This year, I hope to attend to various parts of my life - in the sense of bringing attention, and to tend to various people and aspects that are important to me. For January, I have chosen the word "Rise." So I have been attending to rising... Continue Reading →

Choose your own adventures

Image by Roy N from Pixabay I've written here about Storytwigs' competitions (read stories here and here), but they have another feature there: interactive stories. These are like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of my childhood - which are also still available at libraries and are even updated in new versions of graphic novels... Continue Reading →

Bounty of beets

Winter is a great time for beets (or as my Indian relatives call it: "beet root"). I bought a big bag of beets from a farm, cooked some, then some were blanched to freeze (boil 2 min and then immerse in cold water, then freeze in containers). What to do with the rest? Some were... Continue Reading →

Game: Find the prompt

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay The game Find the Prompt is a sort of reverse wordle. In this game, you start with an AI-generated image, and fill-in-the-blanks to try to figure out what the prompt was that was sent to generate the image. I can imagine a fun version of this in a classroom,... Continue Reading →

Book: New Kid and Class Act

These two graphic novels, New Kid and Class Act are a wonderful pair. Some themes: being open about differences, questions of race, the awkwardness of tween and teen years, gender awareness, and belonging. Great for tweens/teens, and adults.

Friend Friday 76: Dara

Dara Brady is an amazing teacher, artist, writer, fellow vegan, and all around creative DIYer and kind person! Check out their work, and upcoming projects and makings here - so many I can't count: This podcast is also great: Yay for making!

Friend Friday 75: Tinkerlab

Tinkerlab by Rachelle Doorley has been an inspiration, especially when my kids were younger, but we return to the crafts and activities even now - bringing in screen-free activities that build curiosity, creativity, and hands-on skills.

Color part 2

Image by Chris Martin from Pixabay Where do pigment and color come from? How are they made now? They have evolved from the natural dyes they used to be: This year's color is one of my favorites, periwinkle, from the original crayon, to the flower, to the walls of my bedroom: You can... Continue Reading →

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