Green tip: Give the gift of green

For the holidays, let your kids make their own toys from the recycle bin. They can make gifts and cards for their teachers and friends, too! You can do the same for more grown-up gifts. Some ideas: - Have cards from previous years? Tear off the fronts and reuse them as postcards or one-sided cards... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday75: Nallely

Nallely Gomez is a local software engineer, organizer, role model, Latina fashionista extraordinaire, and all-around positive person who can be counted on.


My story on Helping the planet through mindfulness is on SPILL IT from Vine Leaves Press this month: You can see this issue here:

Flat fashion

Image by Daniel Sampaio from Pixabay This article considers that we may have entered an era of "flat fashion," where fashion only matters based on the 2-dimensional photos we can take of it to post on social media or to send to others. What about becoming more 3D? We already own a lot of... Continue Reading →

Cleaning the oven door

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash Another tiny accomplishment: cleaning inside the oven door. For a while, there's been something that somehow dripped into the oven door - BETWEEN the two class plates. I had given up on it, until my recent post on "Search for a recipe" prompted me to "Search for a solution"... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Photo Finish(ed)?

Green Tip! Photo Finish(ed)? Want to ditch yellowing photos? What about Polaroids or digital prints? Here's a guide to safe disposal: Older photographs: Recycle! Blue bin. Digital prints (from home printers or one-hour service): Recycle! Polaroids (instant photos): Landfill! Black bin. More options: craft at home; donate non-sensitive photos for school art projects or photography... Continue Reading →

Book: All Quiet in Vikaspuri

This is a graphic novel for adults set in Delhi, detailing the water wars. A poignant story about human exploitation, environmental degradation vs conservation, and more

Another use for okara: cheese and crackers

Okara Cheese I've found yet another great use for okara aside from biscotti, brownies. Actually, two that can be paired together: cheese, and crackers. First, okara cheese. This is now my go-to. I made a mix of this recipe and this one - grinding, shaping, and then baking. Unlike cream cheese, this is... Continue Reading →

Glue and Paper tape!

Whenever buying tape, I try to buy masking tape, or another paper-based tape which can be recycled. But how about making your own? Here's a recipe for wheat paste and paper tape: Make a wheat paste: Spread on paper (in this case, the inside of a bread bag) - this was a bit thin,... Continue Reading →

Experiments in giving

Image by Bella H. from Pixabay We continue with the theme of generosity and giving with these little experiments in the Gift economy. This article dives deep into what stops us from freely giving to others: Part II talks about privilege and how we can move forward:

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