Green tip: This is your body on climate change

Green tip: This is your body on climate change We all know that climate change can be caused by air pollution, and that's not good for our lungs. But what about other health effects of climate change? They can include: - more tropical and other diseases due to changing weather - new viruses and infections... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 100: Garden share

Victoria Armigo runs the local garden share, which has been going for over 10 years, and now there is a lovely documentary about the share and her efforts to help people build community, share produce and stories, and save the planet: Side note: this is the 100th Friend Friday - I feel so grateful... Continue Reading →

Family elections

My son's interest in politics has, over the years, developed into various online and offline skills, for all of us. Some of the steps we learned in the process: - how to set up an election (what is democracy? what does it mean to vote? who wins?) - setting up a paper ballot and keeping... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: A Make As You Go Salad

Photo by Heather Barnes on Unsplash A poem that is also a zero-waste recipe. A Make As You Go Salad He left me the pit of a mango. I chop off the edges and roughly dice them. Here's a tangerine I was saving from breakfast. The pits sit on the cutting board while I separate... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Have fun on Summer Break with Sizzling Sustainability

Green Tip: Have Fun on Summer Break with Sizzling Sustainability Traveling? Consider train, bus, or car, rather than plane. Rent an electric car or hybrid. Look for a green hotel and do some eco-tourism. Be green wherever you are, then offset your carbon footprint. Staycation? You can volunteer in your community. Clean up the beach... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 99: Planetshifter

Willi Paul at Planetshifter works at the intersection of permaculture and myth (as of Joseph Campbell). The website includes interviews, articles, artwork and lots and lots of poetry and stories, plus plenty of other content for all ages.

Green tip: Lunch is too good to waste

Lunch is too good to waste My local Student Nutrition Services serves thousands of meals daily (check out this video by student Morgan Greenlaw). They repurpose leftover meals, and local organizations and students redistribute food that would otherwise go to waste. Students and parents can help cut waste, too:1. Order meals (elementary students) in the... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Party Smarty

Party Smarty It's the last month of the school year and a great time to ensure that parties go green! - Use reusable dishes or Party Packs, which include plates, bowls, tumblers, utensils, and cloth napkins for 24 people. Your school Green Team may have Party Packs to borrow. - For non-school parties, contact Michael... Continue Reading →

Book: The Book of Hope

The Book of Hope, by Jane Goodall and Douglas Abrams is similar to The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and (the late) Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The books form a pair: the importance of joy, humor, lightness and friendship, and the importance of hope, optimism, and resilience, in the face of our current and... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 97: Barbara Bulc

Barbara Bulc does global development and public-private partnerships, and founded the OurCluj citywide effort as well - and she is a meditator and beautiful person. This amazing article she wrote covers a range of topics, but how we can bring wellness and community-building together using a positive vision of our future.

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