Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day

If you have been interested in voluntary simplicity or environmentalism or minimalism for a while, you might well know that Black Friday (so named due to the crowds on this day, another example of colorism and the negative bias against the word "black") is now called Buy Nothing Day, which is a protest against consumerism... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Party Like a Sustainable Rock Star

Fall and winter holidays are traditionally full of family gatherings and gift-giving. Consider giving experiences and consumables like food, soap, and candles (shop local to reduce shipping energy costs while supporting our economy and avoiding shipping delays!). Plan a waste-free holiday party with reusable dishes and cloth napkins (my city has a system where block... Continue Reading →

Green tip: Service vs Stuff

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Charitable organizations appreciate money and in-kind donations, but they also value a compassionate ear, tech support, car rides to doctor's appointments, and physical labor. You can investigate local opportunities to help communities in need. How to Volunteer with the VA 99 Ways to Support Troops and Families... Continue Reading →

On Being Plain

I'm writing a story about a girl who may be, or at least sees herself as, plain. This article expounds how little has changed in the world of writing with regard to the "plain woman," in favor of "great beauty," instead. Often, books of the past written by men either dismiss the ordinary women... Continue Reading →

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