New words for bits and bytes

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay I'd heard of femto and nano, maybe even petabytes, but there are some new words for very very small and very very large numbers, out this year: Now there are no more English alphabets left to use as abbreviations for these! While you are looking at these, you... Continue Reading →

Saturday Story: Forgetting Santa

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Forgetting Santa When Charlie figured out there was no Santa Claus, he cried. His old gifts lay shattered, and he refused to decorate the tree. The stockings were never hung, letters lay unwritten. Even the advent calendar was wrapped in plastic, its chocolate melting. So when Ed went up on... Continue Reading →


My story on Helping the planet through mindfulness is on SPILL IT from Vine Leaves Press this month: You can see this issue here:

Tuesday poem: Torn

Image by CJ from Pixabay Torn long and lanky lean and sweet my treat my heart together apart a coin for throwing out on its own go far, come back no, go, turn back I'll set you free you belong to me now hide, now run go find the Sun.

Saturday Story: Dying of Laughter

Image by Michelle Zallouaa from Pixabay Dying of Laughter Most of the time my dad was pretty serious, but then he’d make all these silly little jokes. “Who wants a jalapeño?” he’d ask, handing me a banana. We called him Pop-corn for all his corny jokes. Growing up, my friends would crack up when he... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: A Shower Meditation

Image by tookapic from Pixabay A Shower Meditation here, under the water warmth and heat make their way into my pores I scrub yesterday from my skin thoughts of today and tomorrow swirl down the drain I am left raw and clean naked and human with only my breath steaming the mirror

Silk+Sonder balance challenge quiz

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay This Silk+Sonder balance challenge quiz reminded me that finding balance is an ongoing process. As adults, we need time with family, work, and also play. I'm a mom but I'm also a writer, and teacher - what are we doing when we are our truest selves? Maybe it is more... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: This Earth Is a Tree

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay This Earth Is a Tree this earth is a tree you forget you are its luscious fruit you, too, are its root this earth is a tree and you and I make the soil rich with who we are and how we live within her branches shaded from sun... Continue Reading →

Language, please

Image by Adrian from Pixabay Language continues to fascinate me. Take this great guide, Language, Please, which teaches how to use language in this modern world with awareness of justice, equity, identity and more. And here is a list of "i before e except after c exceptions" Turns out I before E except after C... Continue Reading →

On writing and time

Image by TaniaRose from Pixabay The literature clock ( notes instances of actual clock time or dates and times mentioned in literature. It was later turned into a clock here: (via The Browser) How do we represent time via a sentence from a book or piece of writing? I found myself looking for these... Continue Reading →

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