Saturday Story: Crying at Dinner

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash Crying at Dinner Sitting across from me at the table, she cried. It’s a helpless feeling watching someone you don’t know quite well enough to hug as they cry. I handed her a kerchief. “I’m sorry,” I repeated, and furrowed my brows. She blew her nose. “It’s not your... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: Layer Cake

Photo by Ragul Ebinezar on Unsplash Layer Cake our lives layer like cake frosted with memories sounds, sights, smells cut through, taste it all get to the empty plate

Saturday Story: Safe

Image by Kathrynne from Pixabay If only safety could be ensured with magic. Safe Once there was a little boy. His father walked to the store and never returned, a bullet in his chest. The boy cried and hid in his bedroom. A fairy appeared, and she encircled him with a magic circle of protection.... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: Somewhere

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay Somewhere a poem sits elsewhere complete, and this one has lost my attent---

Saturday Story: Star of the Show

Image by Maryse Maitrejean from Pixabay Star of the Show Jeanine stepped up in her worn flats, leaning forward. Harold could see the pain in her face as she grasped the trapeze bar he’d coated with glass. She wouldn’t let go, but the next swing, where she wrapped her legs, was even more jagged. She... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: Maintenance

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay Maintenance A house has so much maintenance, even the possessions within. Simple but not so. They can be ruined. They can get mold & dirt & dust & stains They can get wet and messy scratched and broken They can be torn and mixed up written on, degraded And we... Continue Reading →

Academy of the Heart and Mind

Photo by Akash P G on Unsplash I posted that my piece in the Academy of the Heart and Mind was going to be published, here is the direct link to "The Loud Inside"

Saturday Story: Saying Goodbye

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay For Grandmother's Day. Saying Goodbye After the operation in her throat, she could barely speak. She beckoned to me with a finger, thinking I was her daughter. "Be a good mother," she croaked. "Not like me." I looked over at Mom, who wiped her eyes. Mere hours later,... Continue Reading →

Tuesday poem: On a Hard Day

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay On a Hard Day dear one don't let this be what breaks you you are only tested tempered by this heat you can bend cry sweat even bleed but you will return, won't you exhaling your fierce beauty to this world

Saturday Story: The Eyes Have It

Image by Helmut Strasil from Pixabay I've been fascinated by eyes and color since I learned of the connection of mine to my ancestors. The Eyes Have It “And why is that?” She said it with an attitude, her hand on the hip of her denim shortalls. I got defensive. She was basically telling me... Continue Reading →

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