Book: Dear girl,

This beautiful book, Dear girl,: A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You! is a love letter and inspirational message to a child, a friend, a girl in your life. Listen to it here. The series also has Dear boy, Dear baby, and Dear teacher books.

Teens and kindness

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash Teenagers, like other children, can benefit from kindness - not just receiving it but learning to be kind to others. And to do so without the promise of a monetary or other reward (other than feeling good). Why? Read more here. Here's a list of acts of kindness they... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 89: EyeCanPod

The Eye Can Pod (EyeCanPod) podcast helps educate others about blindness and supports youth with seeing challenges - created by various youth, my friend Lisa and her children, in part. I really loved the podcast on braille literacy, and the podcast is really well done (including the music)! Check it out:

Friend Friday 88: Parent Network

A couple of great moms in my neighborhood have started an app to help parents connect with one another, coordinate kids' classes and schedules, and have a one-stop-shop for keep kids engaged and independent (and still safe) when parents are at work or have other obligations. (Look for my classes on there, soon to come!)... Continue Reading →

Book: The Owner’s Manual to Terrible Parenting

I came across this book while browsing at the library going on blind intuition. It was not a book I could have found otherwise, but it is so funny and true. It brings to light all the things we parents do to create "teachable moments" for kids, be the "cool" parent, how we are unwilling... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 85: Mayuri

Mayuri is one of the teachers with Little Flower Yoga, and she is amazing with kids. She also does "somatic yoga," which is slow and purposeful, and releases things in the body that I didn't think could be! Check her website and offerings here:

Book: Toilet Tube Treasury

Toilet Tube Treasury by Jodi Levine is a little book of what you can do with all those toilet paper tubes you must either throw away on a weekly basis or save up for some unknown reason. Here are plenty of reasons: Includes templates and ideas for animals, toys, games, wrapping, garlands, marble runs,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s countdown

I love advents and countdowns, as you may have seen (here, here, here, and here). They are like little daily gifts and surprises. So a happy stitch's lovely valentine's day countdown was just the thing to bring some LOVE into this month for the world. It's a simple idea: put slips of paper in paper... Continue Reading →

Friend Friday 83: Cloud Project

A group of local high schoolers has created a curriculum called The Cloud Project, which teaches children in elementary and middle school basic climate principles, and ways to be active. High schoolers give lessons to the children and share their own experiences - kids love to hear from an older kid! The program includes... Continue Reading →

Book: Thank you breath

Thank you breath is a sweet book by Jennifer Cohen Harper to bring mindfulness of the breath to children: It also includes meditations and tips for grownups.

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