The Lotus

The Lotus is a traditional symbol of renewal. It has many beautiful properties:

– lotuses usually emerge from mud, not soil
– they must find their way through the water to find sunlight, growing a long stalk
– they bloom above water, after a long search
– every night, flowers submerge into the murky water, but rebloom in the morning pristine
– their leaves have special bumps that prevent water from pooling and making them dip under the water (where light is less available)
– lotus seeds can last thousands of years without water and still germinate

What meaning do you ascribe to each of these qualities? What might they mean to you?

Draw your own lotus – how many petals? On each petal, describe a quality the lotus has and how it might be present in your life (eg: renewal – I can wake each morning renewed and refreshed).

You can read more about lotuses here:

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