Lost and Found – Daily Spur

The Daily Spur’s prompt today is “Lost”

It reminded me that I have a short story, called Lost and Found, which I have been trying to publish repeatedly. I have submitted it to six different publications, only to have it summarily rejected. Only one said, “It was a pleasure to read, and we found real potential in the work” and continued, “although your work has merit” – followed by rejection.

Rejection hurts. It’s painful when someone says what you have been pushing for, longing for, is not worthy. It hurts when something you created, whether words or images, speech or love, is put down, sent back, returned to sender.

It’s also, however, the truth of the work, and the world. Not everyone will like you. You will feel pain in your heart. Pain is part of the human condition. We take it in, we feel it, we sit with it, and then we take another look: is what I am saying really not worthy? Is it worth sending out there? (As Byron Katie says, Is it really true that I’m not worthy?) Do my words, my story, my creation have merit, and do they need to be seen?

If you find the answer is yes, you revise, or you simply try again. And again.

When all is lost, within you is where the strength to continue can be found.

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